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Ram-Bul, the Single Source

Your one source for fasteners, on line when you need them.

Ram-Bul provides full service of fasteners to North American auto makers. The company was formed by the leading fastener makers Ramco and Bulten so that automakers with North American plants would have efficient access to domestically manufactured products of the highest quality through their accustomed direct style of service.

Ram-Bul is a single source for a full range of manufactured components. As a Full Service Provider (FSP) to auto and truck makers with operations in North America , you receive complete attention at the point where you need it. As the supplier of fasteners by Ramco and Bulten, Ram-Bul is completely reliable for the highest quality in certified parts.

Local Service

Ram-Bul is an equally owned joint venture of Bulten AB, one of the largest suppliers of externally threaded fasteners to the international automotive industry, and North American supplier of internally threaded fasteners Ramco Specialties Inc. Ram-Bul exists to cover the fastener needs of the North American automotive industry.

As both Bulten and Ramco are known for the high quality of their products and for their dedication to service, the automotive market can depend on Ram-Bul to not only supply them with the requisite parts, but also deliver engineering, logistics and service exactly as needed.


As a Full Service Provider, Ram-Bul will be your expert source—your fastener supplier for line efficiency. You never have to worry about the interface of design with production quality: there is no loss as a piece designed in Europe is transferred to North American manufacturing. Commonized production and design and aligned tooling all come together in a seamless process.

Ram-Bul's current domestic capabilities as well as its coming expansion in Northeast Ohio puts domestic manufacturing at your complete disposal.

Full Service Provider

As a Full Service Provider, Ram-Bull offers these advantages:


Proximity to U.S. Production


Engineering Expertise


Innovation and Standardization


Capacity to Produce


Logistical Support


Highest Quality Assurances

Domestic Manufacturing

Ram-Bul serves the North American market with domestic manufacturing, engineering and service. At our headquarters and manufacturing center in Hudson, Ohio, near Cleveland, we bring value and knowledge from decades of experience around the world. As we expand Ram-Bul’s facilities, increased capabilities such as heat treating furnace and plating line will serve automakers.

European Knowledge

Since 1873, Bulten has served automakers in Europe and throughout the world, with global engineering capabilities and daily contact. Bulten and Ramco have been partners for years; Ramco, a Tier 1 supplier to the North American market, has additional locations in Sweden and Italy. With the full service capabilities of Ram-Bul, you can be assured of dedicated teams, focused responsiveness and the best fasteners fully serviced to your line.

The best in manufacturing fasteners. Expertise, experience, localized global reach. The best of streamlined processes in support of full service.


Ram-Bul was formed by leading fastener manufacturers Ramco and Bulten to be a Full Service Provider (FSP) for auto and truck makers with operations in North America. Our mission is to provide a single source for automotive fasteners so that automotive OEM have efficient access to manufactured products of the highest quality, through direct service.

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