Engine Bolts

Thread forming TAPTITE 2000® fasteners offer substantial reduction of overall cost of assembly.

TAPTITE 2000® forms a thread when being driven into core holes drilled, punched or cast in ductile steel and aluminium members. The trilobular geometry and the Radius Profile™ thread design offer an excellent thread forming to failure ratio.

TAPTITE 2000® is a true money-saver, since it eliminates process steps like pre-threading and degreasing.


Replacing traditional screw assemblies with TAPTITE 2000® significantly reduces the environmental impact of the assembly by eliminating tapping and degreasing operations. Also plastic prevailing torque features are made redundant. Eliminating process steps like pre thread cutting and degreasing will reduce energy consumption in the process. In most cases, assembly cost savings will exceed the higher screw price by 4–8 times!


Conventional metric screw assembly often requires hand start or dog points to avoid cross threading. The stabilizing lead in threads of TAPTITE 2000® ensures axial alignment and the unique thread design of TAPTITE 2000® overcomes most weld splatters and paint remains that normally affect operator ergonomics.

Additionally, TAPTITE 2000® requires a low end load to initiate thread forming, which adds a significant benefit for operators daily assembling thousands of screws.


Threads formed by TAPTITE 2000® are fully compatible with the ISO metric system which enables part count reductions for after market and ensures serviceability.

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