Chassis Bolts

MAThread® uses a patented thread design that prevents virtually all fasteners from cross threading during installation. Thanks to its thread design, misaligned MAThread® fasteners automatically become aligned with their mating parts and thread normally during assembly. By eliminating the need for initial assembly by hand, MAThread® reduces time and improves operator ergonomics.

Its unique properties have made MAThread® the preferred standard in major automotive industries. Well over 15 billion MAThread® products have already replaced standard fasteners.


By avoiding cross threading, false threading, and paint interference, costly assembly problems disappear. Each time one of these failures occur, the cost of scrap, re-work, and downtime, jumps. Fewer aftermarket repairs mean lower warranty costs and increased profitability.


With MAThread®, operators feel almost no feedback during early fastener run-down, since the lead threads of MAThread® fasteners are very similar to a ball bearing in shape.

There is a reduced level of frictional load being fed back into the operators hands. To operators installing thousands of fasteners per shift, this ergonomic improvement is a very significant benefit.

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