Strux® and Pierce Nuts

PIERCE AND CLINCH NUT STYLES: Square Pierce, Strux® Clinch, and Press-In. Licensed by Acument as an authorized Strux® manufacturer.

• Property Class 10 Strength: heat treated to 26-36 Rc Lower profile compared to a weld nut Class 10 strength for high strength joint performance. All-metal prevailing torque feature available.

• Can be installed in progressive or line die, in-die, eliminating secondary assembly costs. The square pierce nut pierces its own hole, nuts can be plated before assembly, and nuts are not deformed or altered during this simplified assembly.

• Eliminate secondary processing. Avoid distortion of base material caused by heat during welding operation, and avoid cold welds, “winking” of nut thread to clearance hole and weld spatter in threads. Produces lower energy costs and eliminates gasses released from welding process.

• Improved positional capability, and exceptional torque-out and push-out performance.

• Square Pierce Nuts and Strux® Clinch Nuts have reduced weight to comparable weld nuts. 

• Complete fastening system includes installation tooling as required to achieve a finished assembly. Our installation head can install a variety of fasteners and is compatible with many popular press configurations.