Automotive Nuts

LOCK NUT STYLES: Automation, Flange, Collar, Nylon Insert, Weld.

STANDARDS: ISO, IFI, DIN, JIS; auto and truck OEM; application specific.

GRADES: (inch) grades A, B, C; (metric) ISO Class 6, 8, 9 and 10.

With each locking feature, Ram-Bul can custom-engineer your lock nut to perform to specific requirements. Adjustments to style, location and distortion of the locking feature let us adjust the prevailing torque. Engineering-specific coatings and wax applications allow us to dial-in specific torque-at-clamp requirements.

  • Ramco Lock is a top/side lock which distorts threads on the top and side of the nut, allowing for a more consistent prevailing torque. The oval design also helps eliminate trapping plating to minimize galling for thicker coatings.
  • Top Lock features are available in 2- and 3-hit configurations. Both size and location for these features can be varied to meet customer specific requirements.
  • Center Lock features can be added across the entire flat of the nut. This locking feature allows for reversible nut installation.

We control the critical characteristics affecting the performance of our lock nuts. Our design engineers will recommend the optimal locking feature design for your applications. In-process SPC is used to maintain process control. Finished Torques are verified and certified using RS Technologies testing equipment is verified and certified using RS Technologies testing equipment.


STYLES: Hex, Flange, Square, Round


  • Over 500 stock Automotive & Truck OEM standard parts
  • Application specific
  • Prevailing torque feature available
  • Various plating and thread masking available