Application Engineering

We approach every new task as if the possibilities were endless. This is equally true for production solutions or the simple question of why a particular screw doesn’t behave the way we’d like it to under a particular set of circumstances.

Our staff is specialized in chemistry, physics, technology, construction and production. At our development center you will find unparalleled expertise regarding cold forging, friction calculation, durability, surface treatments and more.

At the same time, critical fasteners aren’t used in theory: they’re used in practice. In order to be able to guarantee our products’ quality and consistency, our development center performs a unique series of documentations and rigorous testing before approving any fastener. So far, they have never failed in solving an application. Maybe because of their attitude towards the task at hand: anything’s possible.

  • VA/VE cost-reduction expertise.
  • Broad expertise in all fastener related products and applications.
  • Tooling support for fastener installation.